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DYM Resources

DYM has 1000's of ready-to-go inexpensive resources created by 100's of in-the-trenches youth workers from around the world.

These resources include: games, messages, leader training, curriculum, videos, special events, administration forms... everything a youth worker needs to make their life easier.

DYM is a weekly time-saver for youth workers. Spend your time on what's most valuable... spending time with teenagers, leaders and parents.

If you are a creator of content--this is the platform that will extend your influence. Find out how to get your resource published quickly.

National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry

Every year 20,000+ volunteers are trained on a single day in 300+ locations throughout the United States and Canada.

We gather some of youth ministry's most sought-after communicators and put on a half day of training via video.

Several options to choose from:
1. Attend
2. Host
3. Watch a replay
4. Own

Tons more information at

Youth Ministry University

Since 2018 more than 50,000 volunteer youth workers have been given access to this amazing content from some of the most recognized voices in youth ministry today.

You can give your volunteers IMMEDIATE access thru the very affordable complete site license.

Equipped volunteers are essential for a healthy youth ministry. But you can't just expect them to grow on their own... but now you can give them the tools to feel more confident in dealing with kids, parents and the church... and you'll become the hero!

Instant training for you and your volunteer team. Access every video for one low price at

DYM Podcast Network

A collection of shows to equip youth workers... led by the longest-running podcast in youth ministry history--The Youth Ministry Download, with more than 400 shows (over 10 years).

Spend a few minutes sharpening your skills and being encouraged on your youth ministry journey…during your workout, commute, or a lengthy staff meeting

DYM100 Conference

Doug Fields & Josh Griffin have a combined 60+ years of youth ministry experience and love youth workers and create a gathering that is unlike anything in the conference space... for only 100 youth workers.

Why only 100? Because we want it that way! We’ve done conferences with several hundred and we’ve spoken at ones with several thousand… and we started DYM100 for something that was small enough where we could meet everyone and yet still feel big enough for a memorable gathering.

DYM100 is a gathering of youth workers unlike ANYTHING you’ve participated in before. It’s FUN, COMMUNITY, SURPRISES and TRAINING all wrapped into an unforgettable package you will talk about for years to come.