Doug Fields

Doug has been a speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and ministry-leader for 35 years.

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Doug's primary roles in life are Husband, Dad and Grandfather. His family is everything to him! Vocationally, Doug has committed his life to helping people--primarily teenagers and families. After earning his Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary he has been a youth pastor for 30+ years at both Saddleback & Mariners Church (currently) in Southern CA.

In addition, Doug also works with several amazing organizations as: 

1. Co-founder & President of DownloadYouthMinistry.com.
2. Director of Content for HomeWord’s Center for Youth/Family.
3. Consultant, speaker and content creator for Orange.
4. Director of Strengthening Relationships at Pacific Dental Services.
5. Chairman of the Board at Milele Home

In addition to working with great friends and organizations, Doug is also an author of 50+ books, a speaker at conferences, churches, and corporate events, and the content architect for GettingReadyForMarriage.com, IntentionalParenting.com, and BeePresent.tips

When Doug is not working or hanging with his family you can probably find him at a local Crossfit box, drinking Diet Coke while reading at one of his many fast-food "offices", or binging on a Lakers' game.

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