REFUEL: An Uncomplicated Guide To Connecting With God

If you’ve always struggled with the stereotypical quiet-time, you’re not alone!

Please! Don’t give up hope!

As a Christian, you know you need to have devotions. You’ve heard it from your pastor; you’ve seen the study guides; you may have even made a dent in the One Year Bible. Some valiantly set their alarm clocks back an hour for morning quiet time, only to find that life creeps back in to steal their resolve.

Can you relate? It isn’t because you don’t love God. You quit because you “bought into” someone’s unsustainable habit at an unreasonable pace.

But you don’t have to keep running on empty. Bestselling author Doug Fields offers an uncomplicated, practical plan that you can carry out. This book won’t teach you how to “cram God” into your already-full schedule. Instead, Doug will show you a practical, doable way of setting God first, and then letting everything else in your life fall into place. You will experience the fullness God has for you-just take some time to refuel.

It’s a short, easy-to-digest read. It’s one of those books that you may want to read over and over.


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