REFRESHING YOUR MARRIAGE: A How-To Guide for Happily Ever After (Group Study Guide w/ DVD) (co-author Jim Burns)

DVD & Study Guide $20


For some reason, too many of us get lazy when it comes to working on our marriage. Refreshing Your Marriage offers a tune-up for your relationship. Whether you require a major overhaul, some minor adjustments or just some healthy tune-ups, this group study will provide a powerful starting point.

This study equips small group leaders to facilitate four video sessions for couples. The curriculum kit includes:

  • DVD featuring 4 video sessions taught by Jim Burns & Doug Fields
  • Participant Study Guide with leader notes

Each session explores key issues that form a solid foundation for healthy marriage. Candid and eye opening, you’ll learn how to experience enhanced intimacy and communication, how to restore balance in your relationship and the power of promise and commitment. Helpful follow-up exercises and questions along the way reinforce each principle and equip you and your spouse with a specific, practical toolset for success.

Session titles:

  • Making Your Marriage Your Top Priority
  • Communicating with A.W.E.
  • Improving Your Communication
  • Tools for Dealing with Conflict


Watch a preview here:


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