ONE MINUTE BIBLE FOR STUDENTS--366 Daily Bible Readings & Devotions Connecting You With God Every Day

A perennial best seller, the One-Minute Bible for Students offers 366 readings that allow young people to thoroughly survey the heart of the Bible in one year at the rate of just one minute per day.

Each reading follows the general flow of biblical history, interspersed with several topical series for occasions such as Easter and Mother’s Day.

If more study is desired, related texts are provided at the end of every day that point to nearly eighteen hundred passages of Scripture to further one’s understanding of the topics covered in that day’s reading. The seven hundred selected Scriptures and eighteen hundred related passages carefully present the key themes of the Bible and draw from all sixty-six books.

As a bonus, for each day’s reading, Doug has written a culturally relevant, age-appropriate, short devotion to go with each of the Scriptures provided. If the teenager chooses to read the accompanied devotions, it might take him/her another minute.

This tool is not intended to replace a teenager’s Bible… instead, the goal is to help him/her develop a lifelong habit of reading God’s Word. This product has been selling tens of thousands of copies every year for 20 years. It works to get teenagers (actually, people of any age) learning to read God’s Word on their own


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