HELP! I’M A VOLUNTEER YOUTH WORKER—50 Easy Tips To Help You Succeed With Kids

Whether you’re an old hand at youth work or you’ve just signed on, Help! I’m a Volunteer Youth Worker! gives you the basics for successfully reaching teenagers. These fifty, bite-sized suggestions are easy to remember and put into practice.

They include tips on:

  • How to build relationships with students
  • How to be part of a team
  • How to get along with the pastor and youth director
  • How to model love to your students in a safe and helpful way
  • How to be a normal, non-creepy adult in a teen’s world

If you’re a professional youth worker looking for new ways to encourage and empower your volunteer youth workers, just hand them a copy of Help! I’m a Volunteer Youth Worker! And don’t forget to consult this book yourself — because you might discover a great idea or two for youth work that even you hadn’t thought of.


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