HELP! I’M A STUDENT LEADER—Practical Ideas & Guidance On Leadership

You are a student leader for a reason. Maybe you chose to be, maybe someone else chose it for you—no matter how you got into a position of leadership-- God has a plan to use you in ministry. You may be new to this leadership thing, but you have leadership abilities and now you’ve got to figure out how to put them into practice.

Doug Fields has helped thousands of teenagers develop their leadership skills and become an influence within their own church. Now he’s here to help you. You may be afraid or overwhelmed, or you may feel privileged … or even a little cocky … whatever the case, the tools in this book will help you get the most of your time as a leader. Here’s a little bit of what’s inside:

  • Learning how Jesus led others
  • Lightening the load of your adult leaders
  • Discovering the secrets of getting others involved
  • Deepening your own faith by serving others
  • Balancing your schedule—family, school, faith, leadership
  • Becoming an encourager

You’ve been entrusted with leadership responsibilities, and Help! I’m a Student Leader! is full of hands-on leadership ideas and guidance that’ll help you discover the leadership role that you were created to fill.


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