This is a devotional book that invite into the incredible story of Jesus.

Jesus is amazing! Everywhere that Jesus went, he drew a crowd and amazed people. What made him so amazing? That’s the journey we are inviting you on.

Whether you are new to the Bible or you’ve been reading it for years, you’re about to discover 100 reading selections that will give you a great overview of the Bible’s central message about Jesus.

These 100 readings contain a carefully selected list of short Bible passages that will expose you to the story of Jesus from the beginning to the end of the Bible. There are 25 Old Testament passages that point to Jesus, and 75 New Testament passages that paint different images of Jesus.

You have the freedom to consume the 100 Scriptures however you want--nothing is dated so you can use it at any time of the year. Read it in 100 or 1000 days.

Each day has new content, but a similar format that looks like this:

Pray it: before you read, ask God to help you understand his Word. We’ve written out a sample prayer to get you started.

Read it: read the Bible passage slowly and thoughtfully.

Think about it: we provide a basic question to get you thinking about what you read. You can answer it in your mind or write a response in space provided.

Try it: we want you to learn from God’s Word and then do something connected to what you just read. We want you to put your faith into action in very real ways.

Write it: there’s something powerful that can happen when you write out your thoughts, ideas, questions, dreams and prayers.

Meditate on it: meditate is a fancy word for “reflect”… the idea here is to take one Scripture and think about it a little more deeply.

At the end of every 5 readings, we’ve provided questions to get your discussion started if you are part of a group.


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