BE HER HERO: How Not To Suck As A Husband – CD AUDIO

Doug Fields is a great communicator to men! He is funny, challenging, helpful and knows how to reach the ears of men and motivate them to adjust their hearts! One minute guys are laughing and the next minute they’re being stabbed with helpful truths that are easy to apply and life-giving to their marriage.

During these 4 audio sessions (35-45 minutes each) you’ll learn practical ways to be your wife’s hero.

Topics Include:

  • What a woman is really looking for in her husband
  • How to chase her the right way
  • The power of words
  • Minimizing conflict
  • Sexual wiring
  • Keys to better listening
  • Learning to speak her love language
  • Attacking busyness
  • Communication tips
  • A biblical foundation of marriage
  • The secrets of non-sexual touch
  • Mastering the little things that are a big deal

[Warning: Some of Doug’s humor can a little edgy at times—he’s speaking to a very large men’s group (which is code for: “great opportunity for male-oriented-humor). It’s not R-rated, but definitely PG-13.]


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