All parents make mistakes! It’s impossible to have regret-free parenting, but it’s not impossible to become an intentional parent rather than a reactive parent. No matter the age of your children—it’s never too early or too late to make these 10 relational deposits.

In this 3-part series, Doug will make you laugh hard, think deeply, and consider how you might write or re-write your parenting script. He presents 10 very doable actions you can take to enhance the odds of your child developing confidence, character, convictions, compassion, and competence.

In this series parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, mentors, aunts/uncles will learn to…


  • redefine your role as a primary influencer.
  • learn the importance of on-going & appropriate affection.
  • recognize why some kids become sexually promiscuous.
  • use words that aren’t shame-based.
  • see how you can enhance a child’s confidence.
  • uncover ways to reduce a child’s stress.
  • realize the importance of scheduling fun.
  • discern the difference between guidance and punishment.
  • enforce loving consequences.
  • uncover the secrets of effective discipline.
  • develop a child’s responsibility.
  • understand why parents contribute to irresponsibility.
  • gather tips to help them make better choices.
  • collect ideas for making positive memories.
  • notice the power of perceived presence.
  • recognize the need for technology boundaries.
  • better understand why role models are so important.
  • identify ways to enhance a child’s faith.
  • see why a peaceful home environment is so important.

10 Actions All Kids Need From Caring Adults (CD)

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