Why Buy from Doug?

While I’d love to believe people would buy here because I’m a really nice guy who has faithfully served the youth ministry community for many years…I know better!

People want the best deal.

Perfect! I get it! Then, that’s why you should buy from this site—lowest prices & a FREE book with every order.

I know what you’re thinking, “How can this clown offer the lowest prices over the big guys?”

  1. I can buy them at my author’s discount and pass that to you.
  2. I don’t have to add on a lot of financial overhead—staff, production, buildings, etc… (geesh, we store/ship from my garage).
  3. I’m a nice guy who wants you to get great, affordable resources.

Here’s what I did: I checked the prices at Amazon & other sites who sell my books and then priced everything cheaper (often by several dollars). I’m sure this will cause a fuss with some distributors… but, oh well.

Then, in addition to the lowest prices, I’m giving away one FREE book for every order (notice the nice-guy theme here).

I’m thankful for your support and business!