Beginning in Jesus Participant’s Guide: 6 Small Group Sessions on the Life of Christ

Experiencing Christ Together Student Edition

Authors: Doug Fields, Brett Eastman

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Product Description

The Experiencing Christ Together Student Edition curriculum contains everything you need to facilitate small groups that want to learn more about Jesus, whether it’s a complete lesson or just some prompts to move your group along. This series gives you the chance to introduce your students to the godly, human, shocking, saving person of Jesus.

Each book includes all the Scripture for a given lesson, the student-friendly commentary, and individual questions and experiences to deepen and strengthen a small group. This first book in the series, Beginning in Jesus, brings your group face to face with different character qualities of Jesus. Students will understand the many aspects of Jesus’ character:

  • Teacher: How and why is Jesus’ teaching so different?
  • Healer: Why does Jesus restore people?
  • Shepherd: How is Jesus leading and caring for his people?
  • Servant: Why is servanthood so important to Jesus?
  • Savior: What does it mean that Jesus is a savior?
  • Risen Lord: Why is it so important that Jesus really is the son of God?

Beginning in Jesus lets students love more deeply, live more honestly, and develop their character in Christ as they help each other answer His call everyday.

About the Authors

Doug Fields has been a pastor to teenagers and a ministry leader for over 30 years. He’s the author of more than 50 books, including the award-winning Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry. Beyond youth ministry, Doug’s life is filled with great times with his wife Cathy and his own three amazing teenagers, Torie, Cody, and Cassie.

Brett Eastman founded Lifetogether in 1989 after serving as the Small Group Champion at Saddleback Community Church with Rick Warren and before that at Willow Creek Community Church with Bill Hybels for over a decade.  Today he serves as a producer and consultant in the area of small group ministry, curriculum production, church innovations and strategic partnerships.  Brett has assembled a network of providers that have produced award winning resources, designed breakthrough campaigns, and partnered with the top 100 Churches and Christian Ministries Today. The list of Churches, Para-Church Ministries, and even other Non Profit Organizations speak for themselves.