What are you doing now?

This weekend I had the privilege of returning to speak at Saddleback Church (where I worked for 18+ years–been gone for 3.5 years) and the top 2 questions that I get asked by these loving people are:

1. “How are you?” Great! Marriage is wonderful. Our family is fun and healthy. Our oldest is working at Mariners Church in Irvine on the youth ministry staff. Our son is studying at Azusa Pacific University, and our “baby” graduates high school this week and will be attending Point Loma University in the fall. Cathy and I are looking forward to what might be during our next season of life as “empty-nesters.”

2. “What are you doing now?” This isn’t as simple as it once was when I was working full-time in the church. I’m doing several things that I really love. I’m not sure I’ve ever shared this complex part of my life.

1. I’m working with my dear friend Jim Burns at the HomeWord Center for Youth & Family. It’s a non-profit ministry that focuses on Strong Marriages, Confident Parents, Healthy Leaders, & Empowered Kids. I love it! It’s right up my alley.

2. I’m an advisor for Youth Specialities—one of the largest providers of youth ministry training events in the world. I’ve been speaking for them for 25+ years and now this is a more official consulting-type role.

3. I’m helping some very good buddies begin a little youth ministry resource company called Downloadyouthministry.com. It’s a total blast!

4. I’m doing some teaching and helping start a Masters’ (MA) program at Azusa Pacific University.

5. I’m speaking around the country on marriage, parenting and youth ministry related topics and guest-preaching in churches.

6. I’m assisting my dear friend Jeff Maguire (who used to be in my youth group) as he takes on the new role as lead pastor at Mariners’ Church in Mission Viejo. I usually teach there once every 4-6 weeks.

7. I’m still writing. I just co-authored a workbook called, “Can I SMASH my kids phone? How to help your kids develop responsibility and make good choices…without losing your mind.” And, I have 3 more book contracts that I’m currently working on: (a) Be her hero: how not to suck as a husband, (b) MarriedPeople: helping churches help marriages, and (c) Essential Jesus: 100 snapshots from the life of Jesus [not final title]

8. But, by far, I’m trying to do the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life… I’m trying to follow the person and teachings of Jesus and walk with Him in His Kingdom.

I’m loving my life and my friends and following Jesus into the next adventure. I don’t love email, not being able to get back to everyone, and asparagus.

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There it is!


  • Leigh Ann Mayfield

    Thanks, Doug for always listening to God in His Word and transparently transferring the truths to us! Just listened to Follow Me online and it was so transforming and clarifying. He has been cutting my heart too. Your equation sheds such light – Follow Jesus every moment until it messes with my world then when He speaks His Word of truth into my heart with genuine love, I sacrifice what I don’t want to do then He accepts my sacrifice and cuts away to make me in His image and I am more free in Kingdom living and the 100 times is His choice through His genuine love! I get it! Praying for you!

    • dougfields

      Great re-cap LeighAnn! It was fun to see you and your family yesterday. Blessings. df

  • Kathy Spagnola

    Thank you Doug for the outstanding message you gave at Saddleback this weekend. My heart was stirred as was my husband’s. It was truly a word fitly spoken. We miss you and hope you’ll return for another guest appearance soon. Blessings to you and your family.

    • dougfields

      Kathy… thanks! I was honored to be back at Saddleback.

  • David Hertweck

    I recently marked 15 years in full time youth ministry and you’ve been a contributor every step of the way – first through your books and resources and lately through your friendship and encouragement. A generation of youth workers continues to tip their hat to you Doug. Thanks for staying engaged and investing your life.

    • dougfields

      you’re gracious David!