VOTE: which cover do you like best?

Purpose Driven Youth Ministry has been given the title as the best-selling youth ministry book ever… for which I’m grateful. It’s been translated in 20+ languages and is used all over the world. I’m obviously thrilled for the impact it has had on the youth ministry community and I’m excited about its future (a re-write will happen one of these days).

In the meantime, the publishers want an updated cover (I’m not sure why–it’s only 10+ years old–I think “Taco Salad” font is coming back). Anyway, here are the four options that they’ve presented. Take a look and please cast your vote below.





Place your vote below:

If you want to see the covers in PDF format, Click here–PDYM covers

  • Steven Orel

    Keep it rooted to the original–#1. Bummed there’s no Taco Salad font though…

  • Joshua Treece

    How do I write in my vote to bring back the taco salad font?

  • Ebarton

    1 or 4. Don’t really understand the significance of the sneakers of 4 though and 2 honestly lion dated.

  • Jimmy Hudson

    I like 2 or 4.

  • Joshua Griffin

    I’m not going to lie to you … they all seem kinda amateur. i like #1 or #4 if I have to vote …

    • dougfields

      almost my exact thoughts!

      • Jonathan McKee

        So true. 4 is the only one that even seemed remotely a possibility to me. 1 is a little too stuck in the 90’s (not even in a good “retro” sense), 2 is too much like your “First Two years”, 3 is a ridiculous attempt to wanna appear current (“You know those teenagers… always texting!”)… but 4 ain’t bad. But I’d definitely request some more possibilities. Maybe even a more “business” book look- like if you click on Amazon’s top selling business and management books. After all, Purpose Driven is THE classic youth ministry management book, helping youth workers set and implement a vision for their youth ministry. It sits on a youth workers shelf next to Seth Godin, John Maxwell, and Andy Stanley leadership books.

      • Ange


    • Geoff Ingram

      I agree!

  • Brandon Westphal

    1 or 4. 1 grabs my attention a bit more, and I’m pretty ADD

  • durrenbergee

    #4 is the best, but I like the design connection that #2 makes with You First Two Years in Youth Ministry.

    • dougfields

      I thought that was the most unique look, but not sure most book-buyers will make the connection.

  • Brandon Early

    Ok, do they still sell flip phones?

    • DrewE

      They do indeed—they’re the $20 tracfones. But your point is valid: #3 is already dated in that regard now, and will probably be *very* dated in 10 years.

    • dougfields

      Ha! Thought the same thing.

    • Jonathan McKee

      Ha… classic!

  • David Hertweck

    I made a selection but my preference would be #2 with a dark gray background (no pic) or #3 with an all white background (no pic). Simplicity in design rules the day.

    BTW congrats on the book’s success Doug – it was huge for me when I became a youth pastor.

  • Matt Reno

    I just like #4, but then again it’s almost a knock off of my favorite movie “Hoosiers”. One of their movie posters as a pair of shoes that look just like that.

  • Jeff Berg

    Number Two looks just like “Your First Two Year…” Number One is the closest to the original with a new kick!!

  • Sean Raybuck

    It might be worth putting a little box or note on the front cover saying “All-time best selling youth ministry book” or something similar (world wide, number one, etc). I know things like that would grab my attention and at least cause me to pause and look at the book a little closer.

    #4 is my favorite

  • Wes Henson

    None of them are overwhelming. I would say if it’s only a redesign and not an update, stick with #1. #2 caught my eye because of the similarity to Your First Two Years, but in kind of a bad way (“isn’t that cover already printed” type thinking).

  • ymis4lovers

    #4 is the only I see that has possibility. #1 looks like the old cover with a few tweaks. #2 looks just like another book already out there. #3 – Really? At least update the stock photo to use a current style phone. That phone is at least 8 or so years old now. Cover’s already dated. #4 works.

  • George

    #4 of worn out shoes doesn’t look like a “Healthy Growth”

  • Geoff Stewart

    Fonts on #1-3 are dated – #4 is the only one that I like but don’t love the worn out shoes
    The flip phone? Seriously?
    No grunge fonts please. Grunge font is the new “Taco Salad”.

  • Wes

    1 = Classic 2 = a boy band cover 3 = the reality we live in, but is confusing with the title 4 = good. 1 or 4!

    • dougfields

      loved the “boy band” comment.

  • Ken Leslie

    Be careful not to include things that will become dated (like Taco Salad Font) such as a style of Cell Phone (in #3) or even popular shoes (in #4) because the book is TIMELESS! All that to say, whatever the cover is, the content is AMAZING!

    • dougfields

      you’re gracious… thanks Ken.

  • ScottTinman

    well…from the posts here looks like you need to send all 4 back and say try again…if not and had to pick 1 then go with #4. Is it just a cover change or has there been any re-writing of the book?

    • dougfields

      right now, just the cover change. Re-write is still in the mix…coming one of these days.

  • Mitch Eiler

    Hi. I tried to post this earlier but i think it got filtered out because I included a weblink in it. Anyways, I wanted to tell you that I am a graphic designer on staff at Central Christian Church of Arizona and as a former youth pastor, I would love the opportunity to help you with your cover art redesign! With the success of this book and your personal success within ministry, I can’t help but feel like all of these covers above would only do damage to your brand rather than help it. I think that both you and your book deserve so much better than this. Youth Ministry workers deserve better than this! I have made designing top-notch graphic support for ministries my life’s work over the last ten years, and would be honored to help you as well at no charge. If your interested, please let me know. I can provide portfolio examples as well. For no charge, what do you have to loose? :) Let me know if I can be of any help!

    • dougfields

      Mitch… very nice of you. I think, on this project, the publishers are up against catalogue timing and need to rush something to get it in there. I’d love to see some of your work tho. Again, very nice of you.

      • Mitch Eiler

        Doug, I certainly understand the issue of the time crunch. I’m pretty used to having to work against the clock. Yesterday was my day off so I designed several different options for you to check out which should be on their way to you via a pastor friend of mine at southwest community church in Indio, CA. (If not let me know and how I can send them to you) I’d love to share the vision of each design, feel free to contact me and I could talk through them with you.

    • Jason Shafer

      Mitch does great work! You won’t be disappointed to use him on your next project :)

  • Matthew McNutt

    I don’t like #1; too similar to the original.
    I voted for #2, but it’s reminiscent of ‘your first two years’, maybe mostly from the colors.
    #3’s phone is already outdated and the book isn’t even out yet.
    #4, like the layout but not thrilled with the shoes …

    • dougfields

      thanks bud! hope you’re well!

  • Terrace Crawford

    #2 looks like the brother (er sister) cover of First Two Years…

  • Matt McGill

    That cell phone…. I thought these covers were for a refresh…

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