Video: Marriage Conference

Here’s the short highlight video from the Refreshing Your Marriage Conference that Jim Burns and I did a couple months ago at APU.

We’ve already got the dates for next year (Feb. 22-23, 2013)…if you’re interested.

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Couple thoughts:

1. If you know of anyone who wants to host a marriage conference with Jim and I, shoot an email to inquire about possibilities.

2. If you want to join us for the FAM Conference next week (at APU), we’ve got spots and scholarships available. If you’re interested in scholarships, contact It will be an amazing event: George Barna, Dr. Kara Powell, Jim Daily (Focus on the Family), Dr. John Townsend, Shaunti Feldhahn… and many more.

  • Mia Peters

    I am so excited to go (I can’t wait for Kara!!). What I really need (as an east coaster) is a list of places I must eat and what I must order. (Besides In ‘n Out and Del Taco). Any suggestions? What is that burrito place Matt & Josh are always talking about during in The YM Garage? HELP!!!!

    • dougfields

      We’ll set you up when you are here! Thrilled you are coming!

  • Stephen Haggerty

    This looks awesome, Doug! I’d love for my wife and I to be able to attend this. Any prospective east coast dates?

    • dougfields

      Not yet! You want to host one?

  • Kristasalazar

    God came & moved in the hearts and marriages of each and every one of us that attended!  Still holding fast to our Wed mid week, non-negotiable date night with my man!  Thanks Jim & Doug!