Student Leaders… are you ready?

Student Leadership is beginning. We’re in Dallas this week. Southern California & Pennsylvania in July.

We’d love for you to join us… don’t need to bring your whole group, just bring a few.


Here’s the copy for the opening video. I’ll post the video after the conference. I think it’s pretty inspiring when you see it.

“Yeah! You made it to SLC.

We are so thrilled you’re here!

We’ve been counting down the days with great anticipation…

And now that you’re here… we want you know we’ve been praying for you.

You see, we don’t think that you’re here by accident.

At SLC, we believe in student leaders!

We believe that you’re not just the leaders of tomorrow! You are the leaders of TODAY.

We’ve got big plans for you over the next couple of days…

But God has even bigger plans for your life and we pray those plans become clearer while you’re here.

God is on the move and is working through the lives of many teenagers just like you.

For instance…

At the young age of 9, Austin Gutwein started shooting free throws to raise money. At first they he raised $3,000.00 for poverty-stricken families around the world. Now, his organization is called Hoops of Hope and has raised over $3,000,000.00 for schools, water wells, and community development in Africa.

When Alex was just 4, she started a lemonade stand and raised $2000.00 in one day! She passed away 4 years later (2004), but by then she had raised $1,000,000.00 for cancer research (all through lemonade stands). Currently, the non-profit has raised over $60,000,000.00.

In 7th grade, Zach Hunter started a movement called Loose Change To Loosen Chains, a student-led effort to raise funds and awareness to end global slavery. Since its inception, the non-profit has become a global success.

In Haiti, “Blare’s Bears” started after the massive earthquake in 2010. Blare received over 50,000 bear donations to bring to the children in Haiti.

Brothers Jackson & Tristen Kelly started “Backpacks for New Beginnings” in 2009. Since then, they’ve raised over $10,000.00 and donated 400 filled backpacks (with school supplies) for low-income families in Boston.

Peter Larsen, age 17, wanted to bring awareness to the homeless in his community. He raised $100.00 to sleep outside. Last year he raised $120,000.00.

Team Winter was started by Winter, who’s father was diagnosed with prostate cancer – she wanted to raise money, fund research, and help find a cure. So she runs in triathlons almost every weekend around the world to raise money & has raised over $400,000.00.

These are only a few stories but serve as incredible examples that God’s looking to work through those who are ready.

So this question is… “Are you ready?”

We believe the next world-changers are in this room right now!”

We would sure value your prayers for this event and for the teenagers who are attending. We’re counting on some significant life-change.

Question: Who are some young [current] difference makers that you would add to that list? We’ve still go to more conferences and plenty of time to change the video. Share it here.