POLL: why are you SO busy?

Yesterday I simply asked for comments about why people are SO busy… and it seems to struck on something.

Busyness is a common cry! I’m working on a message for this right now and would love your help.

If you will… please share your thoughts below (you can choose more than 1 answer):
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  • Paul Loeffler

    Let’s see – Time with the wife, personal time with each of the 4 boys, lead a small group, while overseeing our church’s small group ministry, my job (5-6 days a week), time for me, doing stuff with the whole family, having a couple friendships outside our family – my point is, it’s all good stuff that I’m trying to juggle. What I’m trying to learn to do (still) is prioritize well – make the important stuff the priority, and let the other stuff go by the wayside, if needed. Then it’s learning what’s important, which changes regularly, depending on circumstances (family crises, child’s concert, work demands, etc.). Great wrestling match discussion, Doug.

  • http://about.me/austinjwalker Austin Walker

    One of the main reasons I’m so busy is that I feel afraid it’s going to be a burden to delegate too much of my responsibilities There’s always the, “If you want it done right, do it yourself!” but more often than not it’s, “They help out some, but this is probably too much since they don’t get paid for it like I do.”

  • http://twitter.com/brianseidel Brian Seidel

    I am so busy because I follow Doug Fields around the country and hear him speak every chance I get… :)

  • Sascha

    I am so busy because I always feel like things in church are not going well if I don’t organize them. Part of the problem is bad experience with other people in church who don’t put much effort in their tasks or are just so “enchurched”, that they don’t know what unchurched people might like. But I also see that young people from our YM are now more engaged in church and taking responsibility with much more effort than I do. I now really have to learn to let things go and let them take more responsibility.