Make a decision… it probably won’t last

I like infographics a lot!

When I saw this particular one on logos it made me think of the amount of time that I’ve worked in two churches–11 years in one and 18 in another. My experience has been that when you’re in one location for a long time that you’re able to observe a lot of change. There are times when it feels as if a certain decision is so important that you’ve got to get it right. I’m guessing that’s the case of these original logos–they probably felt like each logo was a “done deal.”

Here’s where my mind went–instead of getting paralyzed by indecision… pull the trigger. Make the decision. It’s probably not a decision that will last forever… chances are good you change it soon. Most of your leadership decisions are not final.

Logos Evolve 4 Should A Logo Be Timeless?

An illustration by the team at The Logo Company

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Question: what typically keeps you from making important decisions? Share it here.

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