Introducing Badgify – A New Youth Ministry App

Remember that one time you went to art school to be a graphic designer? Oh wait, you didn’t? It sometimes seems that an inordinate amount of time is spent trying to figure out how to make youth group graphics. You’re already wearing a ton of hats – speaker, volunteer coordinator, event planner, janitor, caterer, counselor – here’s the perfect app to help take off the “graphics pro” hat off for a while.

Badgify creates super slick ministry name badges on your Mac or PC. You can create name tags for you staff, volunteers, student leaders, summer camp counselor, greeters, parents – even that guy who graduated last year but keeps showing up! You wouldn’t believe how simple it is – the guys over at Pesign Studio developed it so a volunteer with no training could knock out badges in no time and make you look like a graphics guru. All you do is type in a name, event/church, and position, then click “Apply”. Badgify will do the rest. It will automatically fit everything into the badge and make it look like you spent more than half your budget hiring someone to do it. Just print them on a label or and slide them into a lanyard! They currently have six incredible badge templates to choose from, but they said they have plans to release updates with even more!

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This app is a game changer! One of my values is relational ministry so I love anything that helps youth workers spend time with students and get out from behind the Macbook. Stop fiddling around on Photoshop and let Badgify do everything for you! Give it to a volunteer (make sure you print a badge for them first) and go to the junior high girls basketball game! OK, bad example.

Badgify is available exclusively at Download Youth Ministry! For on $12… make as many professional looking name tags as you want (after a few days, they’re raising the price).


Question: where do you currently use name tags? Share it here.