I’m asking for your help…


Dear Youth Worker Friend,

I’ve written books to Student Leaders, I’ve discipled Student Leaders, and I’ve created conferences for Student Leaders for several years (last year we had over 1,000 student leaders attend). Every year I get more excited about our Student Leadership Conference and this coming year is no different. It’s going to be amazing! In the last two years we’ve been asked to expand from 1 location to 3 (with a 4th being added next summer).

I’m humbly asking for your help to spread the news!

This is a little weird for me to write and ask for help, but you cannot imagine the number of stories I’ve heard about the impact SLC has had on the individual lives of students, families and youth ministries. These stories are the only reason we continue to run this conference and expand it across the country. One of our primary values is to keep this conference as inexpensive as possible for youth workers to add this “camp/retreat” experience to their calendar–we start our pricing at only $125 per student (for 3 days–that’s an amazing price).

This summer we’re adding a third location–Dallas, TX. We’re thrilled to be coming/going to Texas, but we desperately need help getting the word out to a new market area… this is where I’m hoping you can help us.

1. Consider bringing your group to our Dallas (or, PA or So. CA) location.

2. If  you can’t attend, will you please help us spread the word? Like us on FB, tweet about us, hashtag us in your instagrams. You get the idea, you can even forward this blog post to your youth ministry friends and networks.

Thanks for your help! One of my favorite things about ministry is doing it in community and I love it when youth workers come together to help each other! I’m grateful for whatever you can do!

I love teenagers and youth workers and want to help both be more effective. Get all the details and lots more information on our website at slc2013.com.

I am confident this conference will impact their ministry!

Question: What questions do you have that I can help answer about this conference? Ask them here.

  • Tim

    Is lodging included in price?

    • dougfields

      No, but we’ll give you a list of nearby hotels that we use. When you put 4 or 5 in a room in a hotel that serves breakfast, it’s usually a real reasonable rate. I’ll have Jana weigh-in and give you some cost examples.

    • Jana

      Tim, which location are you considering? Let me know and I will send you a list of the hotels we are working with.

  • Andrew

    Doug –

    You mentioned that a fourth location will be added next year. Any idea where that will be? I’ve wanted to bring my student leadership team to this for some time but it would be extremely difficult right now. Thanks!

    • dougfields

      Right now, we’re looking at something within a 3-4 hour drive of Chicago. Not exactly nailed down yet. We’ve got several colleges interested. We’ll let you know ASAP.

  • Brett

    No, there are local hotels that will have a block of rooms at a discounted price. I took 15 Student Leaders last year to Philly and it was the best Student Leader training that we’ve ever done! We’re going back this year, too. It’s tremendous.

    • dougfields

      Love to read this! Thanks Brett! Thrilled you’re coming back. Sign up early for Philly one because it looks like we’ll max out our capacity this summer.

  • http://www.smarterym.com/ Aaron Helman

    Tweet is locked and loaded. I’d be thrilled if you could make it to somewhere near Chicago!