I can’t believe this is FREE

It seems like every week on the YouthMinistryGarage we talk about the Life Book. We talk about the fact that it’s easy to use… teenagers love it… and, it’s completely FREE!

I was with a couple hundred youth workers last weekend and none of them knew about the Life Book. It’s too good of a deal for youth workers not to know about it.

Here’s a quick summary: The Life Book contains a short recap of the Old Testament, the entire Gospel of John, scriptural answers to issues that teenagers face, as well as an opportunity for teenagers to put their faith in Christ.

Did I mention that these are FREE?

As a veteran youth worker, I’m always looking for great ideas like this! This is one of those GREAT ideas! And, what’s amazing, is that they’ll give your youth groups 1,000 FREE Bibles to give away. How cool is that? I’m just amazed at this idea!

Give it a try! Get your group 1,000 Bibles and have your teenagers hit their campus in the fall.

Question: If you have done this Life Book Saturation project, please share how it went. Share it here.

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  • Chad

    We did actually try this last fall.  The benefit for us was working with other churches and trying to create a culture of reaching the lost.  The Life Book in itself was not an overwhelming success, however.  We still have thousands left over.  And, it’s not completely free because they do ask that you take up an offering from your church.  Not to knock the Life Book, we still use the leftovers to give to new students and new believers.  It did have some value also, but the value (for us) was not in the Life Book so much as the accountability it gave our students and leaders.

    • dougfields

      thanks for the feedback! I understand that the offering is optional–definitely gracious. I bet if you really had thousands left-over that they’d love to get those into others’ hands (I’m guessing…I don’t know them).

      • Chad

         Sorry if my comments came across as cynical.  Perhaps we didn’t do things quite right or as well as other places.  I know that they still seemed a little early on in the process and I know things have changed in the way things are done these days.  At the time we did it, the offering was not optional, it was a requirement.  I don’t begrudge that, just wanted to make sure people knew.  Also, we did benefit from the unity in the body here as we combined it with our city-wide SYATP rally and joined with about 15 other churches to take the Life Book to maybe 20-25 different schools.  For all of us, we ordered 10,000 Life Books and did give out most of them.  We discussed sending them back, but there was no good way to do that and we do still get use out of them.  I think this is a great outreach for most churches and we benefited from it as well.  However, I do think the book is pretty cool.  I definitely can’t recommend against giving students a way to give the gospel to their friends. 

        • Adam

          Chad – thanks for your input brother. I’m actually encouraged to hear that you, and the 15 other churches, were able to reach as many students as you did with God’s Word. 

          He promises His Word won’t come back void and will accomplish what He intended it to do. So, thank you and your students for the faithfulness it took to do a Saturation. We trust that you are a good steward with any remaining Life Books, and that you’ll continue to share the gift of His Word with students in upcoming semesters. Please, consider doing another Life Book Saturation with what you have left over this coming Fall, and keep the fire burning!For His glory!Adamadam@thelifebook.com 

  • Sascha

    I still want it here in Germany! :)

    • Adam

      Sasha, thanks so much for your persistence. I promise, you’ll be the first Youth Leader I call when we can go International :) In the meantime, please pray for God to open that door!

      Grace and peace to you brother. 

  • http://twitter.com/youthguyry Ryan Feltman

    We too did this…and if I were to grade it I would say it was a A-.  I serve in a small town in South Dakota, and as the only paid full-time youth pastor in the community we have turned into quite the Community Youth Group.  That has been a huge benefit to us, and the Life Book was a great way in communicating that even more.  We had students do the saturation in the 7 schools that are represented in our ministry and they completely ran with and did an amazing job.  It is true that they do ask for an offering to be done to help support the Life Book and the possibility of it going to other youth ministries.  We do have about 100+ books left over, but there are still students coming in asking if I have extras because they have a friend that wants one.  It’s still working almost 4 months later!  Definitely worth it!

    • dougfields

      That’s great! 7 schools saturated…wow! Way to use this resource!

  • Ministerbryan

    We will be doing it this fall in conjunction with a d-now weekend and syatp. Can’t wait!

    • dougfields

      Great idea to use it as part of those two events–good thinking.

    • http://www.facebook.com/whydavid David Vollstedt

      We hear a lot of feedback from youth pastors who have coordinated their Life Book Saturations with D-Now and SYATP. We even suggest starting Saturations the week of SYATP because we’ve heard how effective that is.
      A lot of youth pastors have also told us they schedule their Saturations with a Dare2Share conference so that their teens can come back from the conference and immediately start putting what they learned into practice.
      We try to be as flexible as possible so that youth pastors can do what will work best for their youth group in their community.

  • Brad Boyles

    We did this just a few weeks ago and the response was overwhelming.  Churches in the community partnered together with parachurch organizations to saturate three high schools and one middle school in our area.  Youth leaders met with kids before school the Monday it began and prayed outside the school before heading in to pass out books.  We were flooded with texts from both kids and teachers telling stories of how these books impacted lives within the school.  Kids are still asking for them!  What a great way to saturate our schools with the living Word of God!  We are so thankful for the way God used this saturation to accomplish His plan for both kids and adults in our community. I would also encourage you to consider doing the love offering to keep this movement going.

  • Suzie

    We used the life book. We average 50 students in our ministry and we ordered 3,000 books to cover the 3 schools that are represented in our ministry. We gave away almost all of them. With what we had left over we give away as part of a package to our first time guests. 

    We had teachers come to church for the first time because of the books being passed out. We used the week of see you at the pole to hand them out and it went well. We put a label on the back with our church and student ministry name and contact info. 

    Our students posted on facebook about all of their experiences good and bad. I was pleased with how it all went and how our students stepped out of their comfort zones! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/whydavid David Vollstedt

      We love seeing those stories come in, Suzie! Not only does it let us see some of the results, but it also encourages teens who are preparing to share the Gospel with their friends by giving them a Life Book. They see both the positive and negative, and realize that the negative isn’t as bad as they fear–and that the positive is better than hope it will be!

  • http://joshhevans.wordpress.com/ Josh Evans

    Can you give them away whenever? I am definitely thinking of canvasing our area with the life book!

    • Tim

      I’m a supervisor with the Life Book so I wanted to answer your question for you.  Your teens are allowed to hand the books out anytime!  We have the saturations scheduled for a 5 week period but that’s only a starting point.  Some churches take months to hand out the books depending on the size of the Youth Group.  Hope you get involved!

  • Marc

    We did this in the Spring and it worked well, but it is hard for a smaller church where kids are split between many schools.  We got the standard 1050 books and have about half left (no telling how many are still at students houses), but we are going to try again in the fall.  I may get another church involved or the local FCA/Young Life students to help.  The idea is great and the cost is minimal (shipping and love offering).  The training videos show the students exactly how to pass them out and that took some pressure off the students who were thinking that they would have to have all the answers.  All in all, I think it is a great project and most groups will see the benefit of mobilizing their students to do SOMETHING. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/whydavid David Vollstedt

      Hi Marc–
      Your ideas about sharing your extra Life Books with FCA and Young Life students or with another church are great! We encourage churches to this with their extra books. Another idea is to take them with you if you go on a mission trip as a great way for your students to share the Gospel on the trip.
      We encourage smaller churches to take the whole 1000 books so that they have some to use for purposes like this.

  • Tim

    Such an incredible tool!  I did it with my youth group a few years ago and have since been working with the Life Book.  I encourage everyone to get involved with this and use it as a tool to mobilize your students to be missionaries and get the gospel out!

  • Rusty

    This is a great way to take your students on a mission trip and never have to leave your town.  We mobilized 100 of teens and handed out God’s Word to thousands of students.  The school is one of the most overlooked mission fields there is.  We need to reach the next generation by sharing the Gospel where they are.  We

  • http://twitter.com/Rev_Tucker Aaron Tucker

    I’m a big fan of the Life Book. We did it spring 2011, in a rural area with seven churches partnering together for a community Dnow. We saw a lot of fruit from it! God did some crazy things. 

    The book itself is excellent. The teen content in it is fictional teens (of religious and non-religious backgrounds) hand-writing their comments (funny and serious, offhanded comments and piercing questions) in the margins. There’s even a caring adult volunteer who writes comments in it too. Makes for a really interesting read. The typical teen questions in the back have solid biblical answers. We threw together a short Bible study based on several passages. If anybody wants to see it just let me know.  You can even share the Life Book to be read online through their website. 

    One of the most effective student missionary events we have ever done. We will most certainly do this again. And a ministry that won’t let money get in the way of getting out the Gospel will continue to be blessed by Christ!

  • Jeff Hume

    The Life Book was an incredible experience for my students.  We’re a small church in a rural area and the Life Book allowed us to make a BIG impact in our high school.  Every student received a LB and many positive conversations were started about the Gospel.