Guest Post-RJ Grunewald 5 Ways To Do Mass Texting

RJ Grunewald is a middle school minister and the developer behind the apps Whoopie Cushion and Clips for iPhone. He is passionate about student ministry and serves full time at his church Faith Lutheran in Troy, MI. RJ is also a brand new dad and blogs about his thoughts and ideas on youth ministry, technology, and theology. Check out his blog here.

One of the most effective ways to communicate with teenagers is through text messages. Most of our teenagers have cell phones and are constantly on them sending and receiving text messages. Because of this, it’s extremely common for us youth workers to have a strong desire to utilize this technology to communicate information about our ministry and interact with students. Thankfully there are a variety of options to make this happen – each of which has some benefits and also some pitfalls.

1. Get Your Own Short Code: $500-$1000+ per month

You’ve probably seen the 5 or 6 digit phone numbers that you can sign up for texts from. The benefit to having one of these numbers is that you can have your own number and potentially even make it a custom number. This is probably the least likely solution for any youth worker because of the astronomical costs, but it’s valuable to know why you can’t do the same thing that some of the big businesses are doing. They pay large costs to get those short codes.

2. Group Text! app for iPhone: $2.99

The iPhone doesn’t make it easy to send mass text messages. You can send a message to up to 20 people at the same time, which may be all you need, but as soon as you want to send a message to more than 20 people or have multiple groups to manage this becomes unrealistic. Fortunately developers have created apps that amend this problem by allowing you to utilize your address book groups to easily send a mass message. Because of iMessage and group messaging settings, you may have to adjust your iPhone settings to make the app function properly, but that is only a minor hurdle to have easy mass texting.

The difficulty however comes when it comes to making that group; you cannot simply have a group in your contacts named “Youth” and then send to all of them, you need to individually type each of their names in order to send a group message. Despite manually having to type them in, the only cost then to you is the cost of texting and the time it takes to type the names.

3. Twitter: Free
Twitter is not exactly a mass texting service. Because of the nature of the social network you can utilize it to work like one. This way of using twitter will basically be asking people who want the messages to use their cell phones to sign up for twitter and follow your account in order to receive the updates. It will be effective and cheap, but it may not have quite the flexibility of a true texting service.

4. Simply TXT: $10-$40/month(based on which plan you choose)

Simply Youth Ministry teamed up with txtsignal has and put together an easy to use text messaging service. They offer a few different plans depending on the number of mass messages and number of contacts that you need. If you’re looking for a package that is built exactly for the purpose of sending mass messages to your student ministry, this is the service.

5. Google Voice: Free

Google Voice doesn’t have a built in mass texting feature, but does allow users to get a free phone number that can tie to a gmail account. With some email work-arounds, you can get free mass text messaging in no time utilizing a group e-mail. One of my favorite benefits to Google Voice is that it actually allows you to use a real phone number; this service is very effective in texting students and by utilizing your e-mail client properly, you can text large groups without a problem.

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  • Eric Smith

    You can use sendhub at You get a code that people can text to your number and automatically sign up to receive your texts, and they have a free option that is perfect for smaller ministries. I use the free version and it’s been great for me.

  • Eric Smith

    There is also a free sendhub iPhone app.

    • RJ Grunewald

      I’ll have to check that one out!

  • Patrick Fischl

    I’ve been using for about 2 years with our youth ministry. Students sign up by texting our youth group name to one of those 5 digit numbers, and it gives us unlimited texts to all of them… for free! There is an upgraded version that takes away the ads, but you still get 112 characters for free.

  • Marty Baker

    Another great app is GroupMe. It’s free and allows you to set up different groups for mass texts

  • chetcromer

    I think one question we’re not asking enough is how dangerous do these interactions become when parents aren’t aware of who’s talking to their kids and what they’re saying. Every single one of the items listed here (and probably 99% of those on the market) allow an adult to text a minor without any parental oversight or permission. Sure, we can conjure up this idea in our heads that we’ll set strong boundaries and be accountable, but not everyone is like that (and any one of us is one step away from a trail of bad decisions).

    This is something I’m growing more passionate about by the day. Not just raising awareness but doing something about it. I won’t link what we’re doing here because I’m NOT out to shamelessly promote it, but I think it is something missing in youth ministry that would truly bring us alongside parents to accomplish even more for the Kingdom.

  • aaron cuyler

    Since I have an android phone (google OS) i create contact groups in gmail and then i can send mass txts to these contact groups rather easily. I have sent a txt to up to 75 students at once

    • RJ Grunewald

      great idea for android!

  • Brandon Weldy

    I use Google Voice and it works great for us here. I’ve thought about some of these other options and may look into Simply TXT but for now I think Voice will still be my go to option. Its easy to use. In response to chetrcomer, I agree this is a huge issue. My wife knows about this number and can check it anytime. All the texts are still there on the page. I also stick to using this number strictly for mass texting purposes.

  • Eric Smith

    Chet, I think it is incumbent on the parents to set up boundaries on their kids cell phone use before the decide to purchase a phone for them. Because, it doesn’t take one of these services to allow an adult to text a student without their parents’ knowledge. The very fact that they own a cell phone makes that possible. The students need to be educated about who they should and should not give their number out to, and parents should establish some level of accountability around those things. We as youth workers can also educate them on good boundaries around use of these devices as well.
    But, I’m not sure these services in and of themselves are the source of the danger. It’s students not knowing how to use their devices responsibly.

  • TextMessage

    SMS is a perfect way to provide exposure to “a whole group of sports teams that are underserved,” including high school teams, youth leagues, small colleges and even minor-league operations.

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