Cancer: Jesus is “Greater Than”…

Recently I had the unbelievable privilege of sitting with a husband/wife who intellectually and practically live-out the reality that Jesus is GREATER THAN.

The husband has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. 46 years old with 3 teenage children. He told me he’s praying to make it to Thanksgiving and then he’ll beg God for Christmas. As I sat with this couple for a couple hours I saw their tears… I heard their sadness… and, I witnessed their love for one another.

Here’s what was so refreshing: In the midst of all of this… there was no question that Jesus is supreme in their life.

Cancer wasn’t their choice, but allowing Jesus to be supreme is their choice. They are so sad… they have an unbelievable marriage… they have amazing kids… there was an expression of deep/deep sadness. A lot of people talk about faith, this couple was living it.

• I witnessed a man say, “Jesus is greater than cancer.”

• I heard a wife say, “Jesus is greater than my uncertain future!”

• I know their 17 year-old son would say, “Jesus is greater than a some years without my dad.”

Jesus is not a cute, little supplement to these people—He is supreme and His supremacy has shaped their lives. It’s so rare to see people live a life that backs up their talk. What a gift they showed to me.

Question: What is Jesus “greater than” in your life? Consider sharing it here.

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  • Mia Peters

    As I sit here at the hospital with one of my recent graduates (her little brother is a senior in the youth ministry here), while their mom is undergoing surgery for colon cancer (their dad passed away suddenly 3 years ago). I can say that I am watching a family with the same attitude. Thanks for this. I hope that if I am faced with this type of situation in my family that my faith will stand up like theirs.

    • dougfields

      You’re a good minister Mia… thanks for loving others the way you do!

  • Terrace Crawford

    Wow. I almost teared up on this one. Geez, Doug!
    My mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer just two years ago. I’ve seen her beat it with Jesus’ help. Thanks for this reminder again today that Jesus is greater.

    • dougfields

      it is a good reminder…Jesus = >

  • gr8scott

    Its awesome to see believers not turning their backs on God in what seems like insurmountable circumstances. I have some other thoughts to consider though. The post says Jesus is Greater but I don’t understand what He’s greater than. The Bible teaches us that healing is what God has for His people thru the work of Jesus on the cross. So to be clear how is giving into sickness glorifing God? Sickness isn’t from God so my thinking is that Jesus=> means His Name is greater than that of cancer & cancer therefore has to bow to Jesus. Why are we encouraging this brother to “beg” for a litlle more time with his family instead of praying with them to be totally healed. Im also confused as to how this is an example of living out faith. Faith should be used for healing, not the aftermath of unchecked distruction. Living it out should be more than going out with a smile. PLEASE reach this family with Gods Word concerning healing. There is no reason for this family to be devastated in this way. Is there any Biblical reason for us not to have faith in God’s Healing Power?