What makes your church family friendly?

I’m currently at our FAM conference (held at APU) and we’re gathered with a bunch of people who care deeply about the family who are trying to figure out what it means to come alongside families and better care for and help them.

We’re not selling a program for leaders to “buy-into”… rather we’re talking about what it might look like for a church to better help families. We are looking at the values of…

STRONG marriages
HEALTHY leaders

We are asking these types of questions:
1. What would a church “look like” if its leaders cared deeply about these values?

2. What if the church could make a 1% change in the divorce rate? Imagine if that single 1% change became a reality–that one change would impact millions of kids.

3. What role is the church supposed to play in the life of the family?

Question: What are the questions you’d be asking? Share them here.