BIG NEWS: Josh Griffin Leaves More Than Dodgeball Blog After 7 Years to Start New Youth Ministry Blog

My good friend Josh Griffin is taking a BIG leap of faith. We’ve been doing-life-together for more than a decade and I’ve been thrilled to watch him grow as a husband, dad, leader, youth pastor, teacher and blogger. It’s really so fun to watch people you love develop right in front of you. I’m so proud of him and have become his biggest fan. And, now he’s taking another big risk 10 years later (first one was moving from Michigan to California to work with me):

He’s jumping from the safety and security of having the most popular blog in youth ministry… to essentially start over. Josh and I are joining forces to do one super youth ministry blog on the newly designed . 

That’s right! It’s BIG news in the small youth ministry space–that as of next week Josh is leaving the uber-popular blog that he created (but owned by Simply Youth Ministry) called More Than Dodgeball–where he wrote more than 6,000 blog posts and collected over 18,000 comments.

Here’s what Josh wrote on his blog this past week that I thought was really challenging, especially now that you know more of the story:

When God says go, you go. But remember sometimes the leap of faith means staying and sticking it out.

Isn’t it funny when God gives you peace about something that sounds crazy? Don’t stay because of a false sense of security. But don’t leave because of big challenges ahead.

The key is obedience. Obey God’s voice when He speaks to you. Sometimes he SHOUTS, sometimes you can barely figure out what He is saying. But when you do it is unmistakable and our only response must be to obey.

I hope you attempt something crazy this next season in ministry. I hope you take a leap of faith into the unknown, I hope you are listening to what God is telling you to do next. A great adventure lies ahead!

Here’s what I respect about this whole move: Josh is leaving something that is easy and safe behind for a journey that he believes God has called him to go on. He is leaving easy street and a huge audience–in essence taking a big risk–in order to own his own content and have the freedom to do what he wants. It’s a bold move… not an easy one and Josh feels a strong sense of peace and confidence from God.

Josh has spent years faithfully caring for this youth ministry audience and helping them with practical, in-the-trenches material. I have no doubt that these people will follow–Josh’s stuff is just so good and helpful.

In addition, I’m going to stop blogging here and combine forces with Josh (how fun to bring together the #1 and #2 youth ministry blogs!). Josh isn’t writing a “goodbye” post on More Than Dodgeball, but he will have a really fun “hello” post next week at

I get excited when people I love risk and take big leaps of faith. How about you?

  • Adam McLane

    Thanks for complicating my 2013 rankings, Doug + Josh! Really love the new idea, but since I heard about this I haven’t known when to do the new rankings!

    • Doug Fields

      I am so sorry to complicate your life! :) Sure appreciate all you do on your blog… it’s a GREAT one.

      • Adam McLane

        Thinking I’ll just wait to release new rankings in the fall when things have settled a bit.

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  • Justin Herman

    Awesome move… This is going to be great for youth pastors everywhere. Thanks for the update…

  • Brian Seidel

    Big news for sure, excited to see what God has planned!

  • philbell

    Those words Josh provided were certainly challenging! I love the fact that he reframed the thoughts of many of us by challenging us to consider how a leap of faith is often to stay… Good words for youth workers to hear…

    Anyway, I love that you both will continue to blog and continue to have an incredible influence on the youth ministry community for years to come. Thank you for your investment and your heart to inspire and challenge us all!

    • dougfields

      Thanks Phil! Appreciate your support!

  • KJ

    two blogging superpowers combining to form one “mega super ultra power”…or something like that. If you get McGill’s blog to join it could very easily make Adam McLane’s head explode. Good stuff, guys!

    • dougfields

      KJ: you know Matt well enough to know that he already thinks he is that mega super ultra power.

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  • ScottTinman

    Adding McGill would be the triple threat? …or never get a post seeing as he can’t even keep up with posting a podcast…looking forward to adding the DownloadYM to my Feedly

    • dougfields

      Matt will post… hopefully he’ll get the podcast up too.

  • Tony Myles

    Looking forward to what will be fresh and new at More Than Dodgeball as well as this new site. Thankful to see growth in the Kingdom.

  • HeatherLeaCampbell

    Just went over to DYM and watched your guys’ crazy video… and I am STOOOOOOOOOOKED.

  • Mike Henry

    You guys have blogs?

    • dougfields

      wouldn’t it be great if you were funny?

      • Mike Henry

        Don’t have time to be funny. Now I have to listen to a podcast (at least twice to maintain status) AND read blogs. Maybe I can find someone to read them to me. :)

  • kolby milton

    Wishing you guys the best on your new adventure! You are gonna love it.

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  • Ryan Cloverfield @Become Ordai

    Including McMillan are the mulch hazard?… as well as never get a write-up seeing that he cannot actually keep up with placing some sort of podcast… eager for introducing your Download in order to my Feebly.