An Amazing Evangelism Tool & Opportunity for Your Teens

The Life Book

As you may know, I’m a big fan of FREE… a fan of organizations that resource youth workers, and a fan of teenagers being resourced to win with their friends.

For those reasons, I’ve become a big fan and promoter of what my friends at The Life Book are doing for teens when it comes to peer-to-peer evangelism. Here’s the concept in a nutshell: The Life Book contains a short summary of the Old Testament – including creation, the Fall, and God’s redemptive plan–to help unchurched teenagers understand the need for a Savior. It also includes the entire Gospel of John (ESV), interactive student comments and questions, and a challenge to put their trust in Jesus as their Savior (it can be viewed online at:

Student’s love it and love to hand it out. In fact, students have handed out over 7 million Life Books so far! Plus, the Life Book is given only by students, so it fosters personal, ongoing relationships between those giving and those receiving God’s Word.

As a youth worker, this could be an easy “win” for you as it helps you equip your students as missionaries to reach their classmates & encourage them to develop habits that will give them confidence to share the Gospel. Let your students see God’s power to work through His Word. They don’t have to memorize any speeches or know everything about apologetics. They simply give The Life Book as a gift and watch God use His Word. Upon request, you will receive 1,000 FREE LIFE BOOKS for your students to give to their classmates. Life Book is 100% funded and no longer ask for a love offering or anything in return for your FREE 500, 1000, or 1500 Life Books… “No love offering, no strings attached, TOTALLY FREE.”

This could be a great way to kick off the school year or for the week of See You At the Pole, but order now to make sure you get your Life Books in time. They go fast every school year!

How It Works: Your students give the gift of the Gospel and then watch God work…

  1. Register at to get your FREE Life Books.
  2. Show your students the free, short training videos.
  3. Your students hand out 100% of The Life Books. You can do it during a short-term “mission trip” to their school. IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY: They also highly encourages you to have your students hand out one or two Life Books a week throughout the school year as an ongoing evangelistic effort.

Get your FREE Life Books today!