7 Promises of Rest

Lately I’ve been doing some thinking about busyness, pace, lifestyle, rush, hurry, etc…

Today, I was deeply considering the words of Jesus:

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

Take my yoke upon you” is a call to not only follow Jesus, but to be connected to him… to be his disciple. To yoke oneself with Jesus is to join him in his rhythm of life.

The yoke was a common reference to a wooden frame that fit over the shoulders of animals to harness them to one another so they would work together, rely on one another, share the burden and walk side-by-side.

The promise of “rest for my soul” is an exciting one and one that I’m trying to experience.

As I read and re-read this text, I made a list of what I see:

1. Jesus knows me (busy… tired… worn out)
2. Jesus invites me (“come to me”)
3. Jesus promises me (“I will give you rest… rest for your soul”)
4. Jesus offers me (“take my yoke upon you”)
5. Jesus instructs me (“let me teach you”)
6. Jesus comforts me (“I am gentle and humble in heart”)
7. Jesus assures me (“My yoke is easy and my burden is light”)

Question: What do you think “rest for your soul” looks like in the 21st century? I’d like to learn from you. Share it here.

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  • Tim Coop

    Two weeks from Monday, I will be with the men of my family for a multi-generational White River trout trip. No cabins, fishing guides, flush toilets, or running water. Just a clearing on the river, some guys, a campfire, a canoe, and a flat bottom boat. I hope to catch a mess of trout, but if I don’t, it’s okay. I will leave there yoked up. I will spend three days with men I love, who love Jesus. All of this in the midst of an area where God just plain showed out during creation. My heart is consumed with anticipatory thanksgiving already, and I cannot wait to sit in stillness with sounds like the crackle and pop of the fire, the easy rush of the clear, cold water over the shallow rocks, and the laughter that comes easier in places like this at times like this. When I lie in my tent, I commune with Him whose yoke I wish to share as at no other time, and He eases me like no one else has, does, or will. Busy? Heck yes, no different from many who read this helpful blog. Kids (my own and lots of others) running this way and that from a two income earner home, again like so many reading your daily blogs, with physical and emotional ails and travails that come and go. But the green pastures beckon this old ox who has found a yoke that doesn’t weigh a thing. Thanks for the reminder on which I shall choose to meditate this day. God bless you brother, and happy first of Thanksgiving month.

    • dougfields

      Tim: reading this made me long to be there with you… and I hate fishing. My soul is drawn toward peace and you painted a nice picture with your words. I hope the time away is as delightful as you’ve made it sound.

  • http://AandBCounseling.com/ Dr Don

    I read a quote from John Wimber today that was compelling. “It’s hard to receive anything from God when you are filled with “unfaith…Remember, faith is a gift; a gift we need to open daily…” I believe that entering into that place of rest ultimately rests on opening God’s gift of faith daily, hourly or minute by minute as needed.

    • dougfields

      great quote… good reminder.

  • Sam Swann

    Doug, one of the easiest ways for me to rest is on my day off, I turn my phone off, I stay off of my iPad, and I try to do nothing. I might do some laundry and in between cycles I can read or nap, or just sit and veg out in front of the tv. I have never really understood those who say, “I am taking a day off” and then spend that entire day remodeling the spare bedroom. Perhaps it is a form of mental rest for them, but I believe in actual rest. I have found that disengaging my mind as well as my body is helpful for my rest. I used to feel a little guilty about actually doing nothing, but now, afterwards, I feel rested. There are some other times that I rest by spending a little time away from the office here at the Baptist Building and I read, pray and just sit still. Thanks for the post, rest is something that we Americans don’t do very well. I gotta go, time for rest… :o)

    • dougfields

      That a way Sam! A Thursday day off?

      • Sam Swann

        No, just kiddin about that part, but some of the guys in my state do take Thursdays off, they like the time after Wed youth stuff. I really take Fri off.

  • Tammy Queen

    “rest for my soul” for me is to
    1-delegate everything i possibly can, when i don’t I am robbing others of opportunities to serve.
    2- be very organized with my time- calendar everything so that I know where my time goes & make sure my family gets the best hours of me
    3- take a re-aim day once a month. An 8 hour day just to think and listen. It always gets out all the “cobwebs” and i see clearly about decisions, leaders, direction,etc after a re-aim day

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