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Here’s the story: We just finished recording our 162nd podcast that was hosted by SYM and now we’re taking the show independent. We promise…we’ll be back! The four of us have “stacked hands” that this crazy, little podcast with a cult-like following will return. It will return soon! Here are the steps we’re taking: (1) We’re going to buy, borrow or steal some equipment. (2) We’re going to look for some show sponsors to help defray the costs. (3) We’re going to get leaner, faster, funnier, smarter…and more chem (only team members will understand–you know, less opinion/more knowledge).

Here’s where we need our team’s help:
(1) Give us your email (PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE) & we’ll let you know when we’re live with the new show. This is real important to us. We need to know that there’s still strong interest in this (plus, it will help us attract sponsors).

(2) Send any questions and sponsor ideas/contacts to (we’ll see if Natalie or Jana will get back to you).

(3) Consider making a podcast donation to get the show back on (your donation will go to the show…not to buy goats). Every donation/donator will receive something as a gift from us (not sure yet, but it will be really sweet…depending on the donation. Just kidding…kind of).

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