Marriage & Family Seminars & Keynotes

Seminars & keynotes:

(1) Growing G-rated Kids in an X-rated World

(2) Understanding your Teenager

(3) Creating an Intimate Marriage

If you’re looking for some training/help you might consider these three specific seminars for parents and marriages:

(1) Growing G-rated Kids in an X-rated World is a look at what parents and grandparents and significant others can do in the life of child. Good kids rarely grow up accidentally…they are usually the recipients of some intentional actions from caring adults.

(2) Understanding your Teenager Parents will learn what to expect from their teen and pre-teens and how to parent them with greater confidence, love, and understanding. The six “principles for effective parenting” provide a roadmap to successfully guide teens through the wild ride of adolescence.

(3) Creating an Intimate Marriage Couples will hear practical instruction about romance and intimacy, communication and conflict, friendship, fun, and growing toward spiritual intimacy.