How to Subscribe to this Blog

For most of my friends under the age of 40 – you know all about RSS and blog feeds and might laugh that I’ve even included this on my blog. But, for myself and several of my older friends … well, we need a little help. Since I lead a small group of 9th grade boys I’ve always got the tech-advantage around me to help with techy-things I don’t get and here’s the advice I’ve borrowed. Joins 100’s of others who are subscribed to this little community.

Subscribe by email
If you want to get the blog posts from sent to your email inbox as they’re posted, all you have to do is click here and give Mailchimp your email address and it will magically show up in your email. Easy as cracking an egg.

Subscribe using Google Reader
If you want to read a bunch of blogs in one place, Google Reader might be the best option for you. Google Reader uses feeds, sometimes called RSS, to help you find great content from the blogs you subscribe to. Just open Google Reader, and add the feed from

Subscribe with a bookmark
Does all of this talk about Feedburner and RSS scare you? I understand! Just hit Command+D and Safari will automatically add a bookmark to so then you can easily visit it whenever you want. You’ll easily find the link whenever you’re ready to come back.