This blog…

It feels a little odd to write what this blog is about since it’s brand new. I’m sure this description will change, but here is what I envision writing about:

Leadership: I’ve led a staff for 29 years and been on a staff team for just as long and I’m a student of leadership. I know good leadership when I see it and I see it when it’s violated. I believe I might have something to offer any type of church leader as I’ve experience leadership positions on two of the largest churches in the country.

Youth ministry: This is my wheelhouse and why I’m guessing most people would initially visit my blog. I’ve been a full-time youth pastor for 29 years and have been a volunteer small group leader and speaker for the last year. I enjoy thinking about youth ministry and love youth workers.

Marriage/Family: I envision the next season of my ministry having a more marriage/family focus. At the end of the day, a good marriage/family impacts the kids that I’ve invested my life serving. Good youth ministry must care about marriage/family. I’m also very interested in helping church staff members care about their own marriage/family.

Communication: From my very first youth group talk in 1979 to today, I’m always thinking about how to be more effective in communication. I’m not sure how this will translate to my blog, but I know I think about it a lot. For 30 years I’ve spoken at least once a week in a format of settings (teenagers, preaching-team at Saddleback Church, youth worker seminars, camp/conference speaker, guest preacher, etc…).

Humor: I love to laugh. I love humor. I find a lot of things funny and will post stuff that display the style of humor I enjoy.

Personal: I’m trying to do the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and that is following the person and teachings of Jesus. I’ll share bits of my journey along the way.

NOTE: I have a professional working relationship with Youth Specialties & Azusa Pacific University. I’m guessing that there will be times when I’m blogging about something that has direct financial connections with one of those two organizations. I’m not hiding those relationships, but I won’t be writing about or mentioning things from either organization that I don’t value and/or personally support.

GUEST POSTS: I will occasionally have a few openings for guest posts. Currently, I use a couple of my buddies as guest posts, but I’ve also used some from people I don’t have a personal relationship with. If you’d like to guest post, click here for details.